Amebo Mary

People can be so annoying! I think as I march angrily down the street. You try to help them and they make you feel like a busybody. I hiss loudly and elaborately. The middle aged man apparently on his morning walk beside me recoils immediately. He has a doubtful look on his face, like he is not sure I am actually a human to have such a venomous hiss. I look at him quickly, up and down, in hateful eyeing. He stops completely and stares at me. I hiss again as I keep on walking. He is just stupid like all others of his gender, I think as I remember what caused my anger initially.

Mama Simbi is the food seller two houses away from mine. Her tasty meals are well known and patronized for miles around. Every morning you would see students, young women and men, particularly married men patiently waiting on the queue for her steaming, spicy pepper rice making one wonder if their spri spri speaking wives had never considered the thought that their husbands could be easily ensnared and forever …


Her eyes chased the gecko on the opposite wall. It ran madly to the end of that wall and suddenly stayed still.
“Did you hear me at all?” she quickly focused on her mother’s face. She had not really heard what she said. Her mother had a way of making simple conversation become a boring monologue. She would talk on and on, digging up unrelated issues and then inserting the relevant one when the listener had long lost interest. Half listening to the drone of her voice, Ireti had let her eyes wander about the room.
The mattress on which her mother sat was bare and flat. It was of a dirty, yellow colour with gaping holes where chunks of foam had been cut off, making it look like a long-forgotten cheese. Basins of water and plates peeked out from under the bed. She looked at the wall. An obituary calendar of a woman aged one hundred and three hung there. It was dated two thousand and sixteen which was a few months ago. If her mother doesn’t get a new calendar for the New Year, it would st…


The Tortoise greeted the Monkey as he started for his farm.
"Good morning, my friend", He said smiling. "May evil not befall us today, say Amen". The Monkey eyed him and moved on; they had stopped being friends since the day he caught him stealing his crops. On his way home from the farm, he came across the Lion.
"Stop there", He roared, "I am very hungry. I was told your poo tastes like the honeyed cake".
The Monkey became afraid. "That's not true..."
"Shut up". The lion pounced on him and began to rain heavy blows on his stomach. "Poo, poo the honeyed cake", he kept saying. "Okay, I will poo".The beating ceased. The lion tasted it.
"What's this?", he spat. The blows continued till the Monkey's stomach became very flat. Sensing he was about to die, the lion kicked him and went away. The Monkey crawled home, holding his stomach in pain. He met the Tortoise again.
"My friend, …


Friends, listen! A human is near
A deep sigh, a low sob, a loud cry
By the village stream very clear
A distant look, see, Segilola's womb is dry
Spirit child Remilekun makes Lamidi spend
Ah! A week and fresh mourning attend The woman brings another forth
Agile toddler, Makumo is a strong resemblance
Waiting on the gods showed its worth
Ah! Ill health visits in freelance
A little breeze chill, sneezy headache maint
Pale face is always a feverish faint Ignored sacrifices wicked friends beckoned
Ah! Abiku is a money drain
The first child is the second
A mark inflict should refrain
Segi's frantic pleas to the departing soul
Useless, it was better to let her go Kokumo's middle toe is cut from birth
Obvious revival of the prank child
Babalawo's ritual is Kokumo's girth
Segi's heavy breast suckles the cold child
Now away from Babalawo's next evil churning
Ah! The regular mourning ⚠All rights reserved Maria Oluwabukola Oni. No part of this publication ma…


Tap! Pat!! Tap!!!
It dances on the roof
Energetically without a hoof
Again, Tap! Pat!! Tap!!!
A fizzle in a drizzle
Pelting drops meant for fourDutiful sweeper everything is new
No thanks as is due
'Oh dear, the rain has swept away my broom'
Not without reason as in a season
Why then, "rain, rain go away"
Won't the farmer's hair go gray? Here comes its playmates
The Wind, Lightening and Thunder
Light Lightening the dark sky
The Wind snatching everything in sight
Including a boy's kiteThe boy giving chase makes the wind fly
That the boy thought to chase
Enough to make amaze
Thunder occasionally rumbles with laughter
Whoever said life up there was better? Drawing the woman to her children
Pulling the woman on his laps
Peace to hitherto quarreling beds
Sweet sleep to many thinking heads
Generous as ever, still gives a bow
When jealous sun do show
It is the 'Rain' ⚠All rights reserved Maria Oluwabukola Oni. …

Drabble : A mother's prayer

A drabble is a fictional story of exactly 100 words length. It is an easy way to check one's proficiency as a writer; your words only have to be concise to make a meaningful read. Read A MOTHER'S PRAYER , you might get some idea to write yours.

"Up Nepa!!!!!!!!!" Taye and Kenny ran to the next house to watch TV despite their mother's several warnings.
About to knock, the door opened and a white - clad figure came out.
A ghost! They ran home screaming.
Crying, they remembered stories of people who saw ghosts and were taken to the spirit world.

The shouts of "Up Nepa" had woken Sheriff. Late for the 7p.m prayers, he hurriedly put his 'Jalabiyya' over his head. Struggling to get it down, he stepped out.

Iyabeji smiled when she met the girls at home; God had answered her prayer and put fear in them.

⚠All rights reserved Maria Oluwabukola Oni.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior permission from…

How to improve on your reading habit

Reading is something we do consciously and unconsciously everyday. Imagine when you visit your favourite supermarket and you were given Amstel Malta™ instead of the Malta Guinness™ canned drink you asked for. Amstel and Malta Guinness both come in the same outward colours and can shape. Even the content colour are the same. But, you noticed the difference because you read what was written on the bottle.

Some people even go as far as reading the dietary information on the label!

The world today, is taking giant strides, to walk along based on your own intellect can be disastrous. We should be more willing to read longer texts and not just printed product advertisements or the label on edibles!

Reading is not the sweeping glance BUT progressive stare at a text - Maria Oluwabukola Oni. 
These quick tips are so natural, you just haven't discovered them.

You might do this if you're not the sit-down-for-long type. Reading the first lines will…